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Measuring for Your Garage Door

Most new construction homes have standard size door openings for one- or two-car garages. However, if you need a non-standard or custom design, or are purchasing a Carriage House style door, we will need to know the measurements of your garage.

measuring diagram

The information requested below is necessary to assure a proper selection of a new Raynor quality garage door.

Step 1: Door Opening Width

ft. in.

Step 2: Door Opening Height

ft. in.

Step 3: Headroom

ft. in.

Note: Standard Lift doors require a minimum of 12" of over door height. Not enough headroom? Don't worry. Raynor's Low Headroom Front Mount Springs package reduces the height requirement to 8-1/4" of over door height, while Low Headroom Rear Mount Springs require as little as 4" (plus 2" w/motor operator).

Step 4: Side Room

ft. in.

Note: A minimum of 3" side room is required with all models.

Step 5: Backroom

ft. in.

Note: The minimum backroom requirements are as follows:
Standard Lift—door height + 26"
Low Headroom Front Mount Springs—door height + 20"
Low Headroom Rear Mount Springs—door height + 29"

These minimum requirements are for the door only. Door openers may require additional backroom.

Step 6: Obstructions

Yes   No

Note: Obstructions are defined as entry doors or other objects that will interfere with the garage door track or the operation of a garage door. The nearest obstruction may be something such as pipes, support beams, heating ducts, lighting, etc. Obstructions must be taken into consideration in the headroom, sideroom, and backroom measurements.

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